1. Where do you ship to?

We ship to North and South America, Europe, Oceania. If you are not sure whether we can ship to your country, please contact us by support@ziilock.com.

2. Do I need to pay extra taxes?

No, there are no extra taxes.

3. How much is the shipping cost for ZiiLock?

International shipping cost is based on weight, and starting at $9.5. The details of shipping cost will be available on the checkout page.

4. How long does the shipping take?

We provide fast global logistics, and it's depend on destinations. We have warehouses in the U.S. and Germany, so generally, customers in the U.S. and Europe will receive the ZiiLock within 7 business days.

5. What if my code doesn't work?

Please contact us at support@ziilock.com.



APP & Firmware

1. How to download ZiiLock App?

1) Scan the QR code on the user manual, and download according to the instruction.

2) Search and download ZiiLock in App Store or Google Play.


2. Can I use ZiiLock App on my phone?
Please make sure your smartphone is iOS 10.0 / Android 6.0 or above, and ensure that the Bluetooth is working properly.


3. What can I do if I don't receive a verification code when signing up?

1) Checking the spam filter on your email account.

2) Please try to use a different email account or Facebook/Google account to sign up.


4. What if ZiiLock App shows the verification code needed or ‘The Slock SN number is bound’?

1) The authorization code is 12345678

2) Please ensure your account is the one you signed up for.

3) If you have not bound the lock, please provide your purchase record and MAC address (on the last page of the User’s Manual) and email us at support@ziilock.com. We will help to verify the owner and resolve your problem.


5. How to update the firmware?

Log into ZiiLock App and enter Settings. Select ‘Firmware Version’ and it will update automatically. When an update is available, this section will notify the user.


6. How to use ZiiLock on my new phone?

All you need to do is download ZiiLock App on your new phone and log in, nothing else is required. ZiiLock is tied to the account, not to the mobile device.


7. How to unbind my ZiiLock?

Connect the lock with the App, enter the settings, select "Delete Lock", and follow the instructions to unbind the lock. The fingerprint information will be deleted meanwhile.



1.How to add a new fingerprint?

1) Please make sure your fingerprint is dry and clean.

2) Enter ‘Fingerprint Management’ in the settings of ZiiLock App. Follow the instructions of the User’s Manual to add your fingerprint. (See Owner’s Manual for details)


2. How many fingerprints can be added?

Maximum 20 fingerprints can be added.


3. What if fingerprint did not respond?

1) Recharge the lock, and make sure it is fully charged.

2) Log into ZiiLock App and ensure the firmware is updated.

3) Please delete the lock from ZiiLock App, and re-add the lock.


4. Fingerprint added but cannot unlock ZiiLock

Please make sure your fingerprint is dry and clean.

Add more than one fingerprint to ensure recognition.



1.How to charge ZiiLock?

1) Please use the official Type-C cable. It is recommended to use a 1A power adapter. Any adaptor over 1A is not recommended to be used for charging (can be charged through laptop USB port). Please do not use your lock while charging.

2) Red light flashes when the power is low, you can also check the power of the lock in the app

3) The green light flashes when the charging cable is connected, indicating that it is charging. The green light is always on, indicating that charging is complete. It takes about 40 minutes for a charge.


2.Unable to charge

Please check if you are using the official Type-C cable. It is recommended to use a 1A power adapter. Adapters above 1A may not be supported.  (Can be charged through laptop USB port).   

Please send your questions with a video or pictures to support@ziilock.com. Our technical support will help you.


3. Unable to turn on

Please recharge the lock, the ZiiLock needs to be charged to reset when you use it for the first time. Please fully charge your ZiiLock once delivered.


4. How to do with shot standby time?

Standby time may change due to the time of use or temperature.

Log in ZiiLock App and check firmware for upgrading. For the new firmware, the lock’s Bluetooth will turn off automatically when not using to extend the standby time. But it still can trigger the alarm and notify the owner.



1. Unable to connect Bluetooth

1) The Bluetooth is default off. To turn on the Bluetooth, please long-press the fingerprint board for about 5 seconds, until you hear a long "beep" with solid green light. Otherwise, the red indicator light indicates that the Bluetooth turns off.
2) Please check your phone system to see if it is iOS 10.0 / Android 6.0 or above.

3) Restart ZiiLock App, and make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on.


2. Bluetooth disconnected

1) In order to extend the standby time, the Bluetooth will automatically disconnect in the case of a long period of inactivity, before use, you need to turn on the lock‘s Bluetooth again.
2) Bluetooth connection distance may be affected by different environments, i.e., weather and wall, etc.


3. How to turn on the antitheft alarm?

1) Log into ZiiLock App and turn on ‘Vibration alarm’

2) Alarm sensitivity can be adjusted in the settings.


4. Cannot connect or (un)lock ZiiLock remotely

1) Bluetooth distance may be affected by different environments, i.e., weather and wall, etc.  

2) Bluetooth signal will be enhanced when ZiiLock detects vibration.



1. Notes on using ZiiLock for the first time

1) Please make sure your ZiiLock is connected to your phone.

2) Please make sure ZiiLock is connected and your fingerprint is added when using it for the first time.

3) Please make sure your ZiiLock is fully charged and you can monitor the power in the ZiiLock app.

4) The fingerprint cover and waterproof cover should be closed in time to prevent rain or dust.

5) ZiiLock is IP67 waterproof rated, but please do not submerge the lock in water for long periods.

6) It is recommended to keep one key with you while you are riding outdoors, just in case your fingerprint cannot be recognized or your phone runs out of power by accident.


2. How to do if the dust cover is broken?

Please open the waterproof cover carefully and gently. We have provided a replacement cover in the package so that you can replace it right away. But it cannot be inserted anymore. You can simply cut off the tail and put the cover on.